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WUWO Media’s aim is to help people become confident citizens and work ready.

We do this by designing educational programmes alongside the creative industries, covering, esports, game design, 3D modeling, coding, digital marketing and social media

Partnering with the UK’s most exciting and forward-thinking companies and people.

We work with ages 7-30, with all ranges of abilities.

What WUWO Media Offer in

Watford / Sutton / Finchley / Oxford


EOB Esports Academy

Many young people hide from society, playing video games and are not moving forward with their lives. It could be they’ve lost confidence, or face daily anxiety issues. WUWO Media’s Enemy of Boredom Esports Academy reaches these young people to help them become self-assured citizens by offering a qualification, esports training, and through this create a culture of teamwork. We then assist our participants to find apprenticeships or work through partner companies.

SEN Media

We have introduced our services to SEN Schools and will be working to contribute to the positive development of young people with learning challenges such as autism, dyslexia and ADHD across 2018. Working on qualifications with students and developing a range of learning and communication tools which the schools can utilise. Offering ICT GCSEs and NCFE certificates. WUWO Media believe that not one young person should miss out on receiving an up-to-date digital education.

What our partners say


Andy Payne OBE, chair of the British Esports Association,

“The work of Enemy of Boredom is important and aligns well with our goals at the British Esports Association – to promote, improve and inspire.

“Getting people interested and involved in esports from a young age can not only help bolster the industry in the long-term, but it also gives something positive back to the community, promoting teamwork, communication and development.”

Neil Pymer, Interactive Creative Director, Aardman.

“Aardman is happy and excited to be working with WUWO Media as part of their E.O.B Esports Initiative. Game design workshops can give an insight into our brainstorm processes which form the basis of all our game creations. It’s great to share our skills with WUWO’s team and support young futures by inspiring the next generation of creatives.”

Rob Arnold, Chief Operating Officer, Clock Ltd.

“Supporting WUWO on the EOB project is something that Clock Ltd are both passionate and excited about. All the team at Clock want to get involved lending a hand, helping the new generation of digital professionals get an insight into our working world. Having our own League of Legends team based at Clock, we will also make it our priority to teach the EOB team a lesson or two!”

Mark Cox, UK Head of Publishing, Riot Games.

“This is a great initiative and a brilliant way of using League of Legends as a tool to teach teamwork, strategy and sportsmanship. We are proud to support young people through WUWO Media and the EOB course as well as helping The Prince’s Trust, the course also spreads the word about how Esports can help build communities and develop individuals”.

Paul Beesley, Director for Central England, The Prince's Trust.

“We are delighted to partner with WUWO Media on their EOB Esports Academy to help young people gain the skills and experience they need to forge a career in the esports, digital and cyber industries. By attending events, hearing from guest speakers and learning from experts, this course will inspire the group and open their eyes to different employment opportunities within the digital world.”

Allan & Andy OFD Education

EOB is an exciting opportunity for young people who are showing an aptitude in gaming, digital marketing and cyber activities. The program on our site will offer learners an amazing state of the art qualifications in this fast-growing market.
Classroom-based activities and practical hands-on experience provided by professionals in the field will create a really fun and engaging way to learn.

We aim to open young learners minds and provide encouragement and offer a realistic option to pave the way to a career in esports, digital and cyber industries something that both ourselves and WUWO want for our learners who sign up to the EOB Academy.

Read about our official partnership with the British Esports Association.

EOB Esports Academy in High Demand

EOB Esports Academy in High Demand. Take this as a testament to the educational potential of esports and digital media for young people. Our EOB Esports Academy (Enemy of Boredom) initiative began when we held a taster day on May 4 2017. Working alongside the Prince's...

Are gamers better learners?

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History of Esports

Esports (Electronic Sports) is a style of competition based on live gaming. The competitors of esports are usually professional gamers who battle against each other for a certain prize…

Effects of gaming on young people

Video gamers can also develop reading and maths skills, as gamers need to read to get instructions, follow storylines of games, and get information from the game texts.

Why League of Legends Training in Education?

We at WUWO Media realise that gaming can be used to positively impact young people. It’s accessible, fun, and, most importantly, centred around working together to reach a common goal.


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