Why League of Legends Training in Education? The new Enemy of Boredom (EOB) Esports Academy is nearing in its four-month run time, with dozens of students engaged with the course.

The programme, using the ‘world’s most popular game’ as its core, is all about working with young unemployed people to teach them new skills which will improve their career prospects. League of Legends Training?

LoL has over 100 million people playing the game per month worldwide, with a competitive esports world behind it where professionals could earn up to $6million (£4.6million) – nothing to laugh out loud about!

Its popularity and influence among young people are undoubted.

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‘But this is an educational course,’ some say, ‘why use League of Legends Training?’

The 100 million people who day after day return to the free online platform must go back for a reason. Like most online games of the same genre, LoL is about fun immersion into a new fantastical world. Our course is tapping into that.

“The aim is to help each young person start a career in something they enjoy,” says our director, Steve Godwin, who is running the programme. This course is testament for how impactful education can be when it is rooted in something young people enjoy. And gaming, especially LoL, is something many are already familiar with!

But there’s more to it.

Teamwork is at the heart of the course. LoL players form teams, compete in matches, and create strategies with the goal to defeat the opposing team. Not only does it stimulate and challenge the mind to be strategical in overcoming the opponent, it also builds teamwork, people skills, and initiative – skills vital in any career path.

But it would be naïve to ignore reports of the effect of action games on gamers, particularly young people. Yet reports remain inconclusive. Two researches looking at how gaming effects studying reported opposite conclusions – one, in 2015, suggested gaming negatively impacted GCSE prospects; while another, earlier this year, suggested gaming could help young people succeed at university. (A big topic we’ll tackle in later blog posts).

But we at WUWO Media realise that gaming can be used to positively impact young people.

It’s accessible, fun, and, most importantly, centred around working together to reach a common goal. A model we’ll follow passionately to ensure the young people who take part in this course become skilled and ready to tackle any career.

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