Tony Patrick of Tenfold Gaming NYC, invited Steve out to the Bronx to see what potential collaborations could be made.

Tenfold Gaming

Steve (WUWO Media) – “I met Tony through a mutual friend, and via Skype, Tony told me that he had been using Competitive Video Gaming to inspire young people from the Bronx, through his project Tenfold Gaming. I went to visit and was impressed with Tenfolds passion and commitment to their course”. 

Work will kick off in September 2017, linking the EOB Esports Academy with NYC, connecting young people from the UK to young people in New York, via the power of Video Games!. It’s an exciting partnership and will open up our student’s minds to global networking and communication, via the projects set up between the EOB Esports Academy and Tenfold Gaming.

Both WUWO Media’s EOB Esports Academy and Tenfold Gaming, share a passion for connecting young people to creative industries.

We now aim to share ideas and collaborate with global companies that are at the cutting edge of the VR, Gaming and the ‘creative industries as a whole.’

we will inspire all students and help provide careers, moving our student forward and helping disadvantaged young people mobilize to the next level.



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