WUWO Media’s, EOB Esports Academy offers the esports education London programme and partners with Sporting Chances to offer young people formal qualifications and industry participation.   

Esports Education London

Content & Education Programme Creators WUWO Media are partnering with Sporting Chances, providing the esports education London programme to a new alternative education provision for young people from London schools. This is a unique opportunity for disengaged young people to obtain a qualification using Esports as the hook. The ultimate aim is to reconnect young people and help them engage and become self worth individuals.

10 young people aged from 14-16yrs will be selected to join the “Enemy of Boredom” course. The participants will gain a level 1 or 2 qualification, having learnt and utilised skills gleaned during the esports education programme including english and maths, through to journalism, social media, game design and competitive video gaming.

The course is tailored around Riot Games leading game League of Legends – a gaming platform that sees an audience of 28+ million in Europe alone – through showing the young people the importance of teamwork in a competitive gaming sector. Esports is a current, opportunistic industry that this initiative aims to demystify and celebrate.

Steve Godwin, Founder of WUWO media running the programme says I’m very please to be able to offer young people our esports education London programme, using Competitive Video Gaming we have created an esports education programme that teaches young people teamwork skills, backed up by a very hands on schedule learning about game design, 3d modelling, VR and the running of a pop-culture magazine – our young people are able to become more self assured and confident citizen, the aim is to help each young person engage and enjoy education with platforms they enjoy and WUWO Media will be supporting them until each individual is more secure in their life. And just to let you know, EOB stands for The Enemy of Boredom”.

David Johnson Founder of Sporting Chances says “This is an exciting time for Sporting Chances, to expand its creative reach and to work alongside such an innovative team at WUWO Media. The gaming world is something so popular with young people, it was our belief that this project is an opportunity we couldn’t miss. It brings a focus on personal development, leadership skills, confidence building, discipline, and many valuable attributes in young people. With future employment prospects in mind, SCG and WUWO Media will support the individuals to excel and reach their maximum potential. As well as this, we are extremely confident this initiative will lead the way in contemporary alternative learning.”

The result of the combined efforts? This disadvantaged group of young people have been given the opportunity to gain a qualification, learn about the esports industry and build a digital magazine. Each young person will then have the opportunity to start an Apprenticeship in their chosen field with WUWO Media and SCG support once the course has ended.

The first programme will run in September 2017 at the Sutton Life Centre. For more information media enquires please email steven@wuwomedia.com

About WUWO Media:
WUWO Media was founded by Steven Godwin in 2012, Steven was also supported with a loan from the Prince’s Trust. WUWO Media has been involved in many ventures, from the running of an entertainment and lifestyle magazine to starting its own creative digital agency. WUWO Media ethos has always been to help young people since its creation, after time it was clear that education was the right path for the company. WUWO Media have so far help or support 62 young people get into work, set up successful projects with Thames Valley Housing and at West Herts College, now also partner with Tenfold Gaming in New York, helping NYC and UK’s young people interact and work together, and of course now a fantastic new partnership with Sporting Chances.

About Sporting Chances:
Established in 2013, Sporting Chances began as an alternative education provision for young people 16 and under that may have emotional, behavioral or medical conditions preventing them from conforming to mainstream education. Now with a bigger, more established foundation and projects nationwide, Sporting Chances is growing to become one of the leading alternative provisions in the UK. The founders of Sporting Chances had a number of beliefs and outcomes. It was felt that these could be achieved through sports. However being called ’Sporting Chances’ it is not just Sport that we focus on. Some of our other developments include creative and performing arts, as well as our new exciting gaming project with WUWO Media.

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