EOB Esports Academy in High Demand. Take this as a testament to the educational potential of esports and digital media for young people.

Our EOB Esports Academy (Enemy of Boredom) initiative began when we held a taster day on May 4 2017. Working alongside the Prince’s Trust, 32 young people enthusiastically signed up, with hopes of being chosen for the 13 available spaces on the programme.


The academy was in high demand at its conception

(The Watford office in full swing)

The programme at Watford has been running since, and has created “a place for young people to come and feel comfortable while learning together and learning from each other, using esports to build futures.”


And build futures it has

(Industry trip to Nominet)

15 students have already found full-time work from our two first cohorts of 21 (data is being collected from our third cohort). EOB Esports Academy courses across all projects have now trained and skilled-up 87 young people.

What training and skills:

  • Sportsmanship through team esports -League of Legends, Rocket Leauge, Overwatch
  • Marketing & Branding esport teams
  • 3D modelling & 3D printing
  • Game Design – basic and intermediate
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing

All transferable skills that students learn and take away with them!

We had a 95% attendance, with some students travelling up to 4 hours per day to join the programme.

“It’s a place where ideas are shared,” said creator Steven Godwin. “Individuals can explore their passions with the support of trainers and industry professionals.”

Presented with something they love doing, this programme proves young people have it within them to learn skills and improve themselves. Long gone are the stereotypes of the lazy generation with no motivation or drive.


Prince’s Trust Partnerships


Because of the demand and success of the EOB Esports Academy, the Prince’s Trust has since funded 3 more programmes in Watford, plans for a central London course and more courses in the Midlands are also in the pipeline for 2018 – exciting times!


EOB Esports Academy & Sporting Chances

(Open day in Sutton, young gamers 4-12 years old, playing retro Sonic the Hedgehog 1 on the Megadrive)

WUWO Media started its partnership with Sporting Chances back in September 2017, we open from 9.30-2pm Mon-Fri and work with young people that have an interest in esports providing them with a fully loaded education package that’s accredited, fun and fast moving.

This is an exciting time for Sporting Chances, to expand its creative reach and to work alongside such an innovative team at WUWO Media. The gaming world is something so popular with young people, it was our belief that this project is an opportunity we couldn’t miss”. Dave Jonson Director Sporting Chances.



But, it did not stop there

(Our PC’s with pretty colours in North London at school ready for action)

WUWO Media has signed a contract with the Holmewood School in North London to run ICT and media training, working with young people 7-19, and of course, we now have an esports club for students.

This has since seen the launch of SEN Media.

We have introduced our services to SEN Schools and will be working to contribute to the positive development of young people with learning challenges such as autism, dyslexia and ADHD across 2018. Working on qualifications with students and developing a range of learning and communication tools which the schools can utilise. We can offer ICT GCSEs, OCR Cambridge Nationals and NCFE accreditations.

WUWO Media believe that not one young person should miss out on receiving an up-to-date digital education.

Summary of a good time!



Our network is building, could we work with you? Please contact WUWO Media below if you have any collaboration ideas or you would like to find out more.

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