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WUWO Media Blog, EOB Esports Academy in High Demand, Are gamers better learners? History of Esports, Effects of gaming on young people, Why League of Legends Training in Education? Esports Education by WUWO Media, Aardman Take EOB Game Designing and much more!

EOB, Riot Games and Red Bull

EOB ESPORTS ACADEMY PARTNERS WITH RIOT GAMES TO HELP STUDENTS LEARN THE BUSINESS OF ESPORTS. 13 young professionals head to the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London this August to create their own esports team and tournament. EOB Esports Academy, the UK’s first esports...

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EOB Esports Academy in High Demand

EOB Esports Academy in High Demand. Take this as a testament to the educational potential of esports and digital media for young people. Our EOB Esports Academy (Enemy of Boredom) initiative began when we held a taster day on May 4 2017. Working alongside the Prince's...

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Are gamers better learners?

  Are gamers better learners. New research by German neuropsychologists has found that gamers have an advantage in learning over non-gamers. Are gamers better learners? Professor Dr Boris Suchan, Sabrina Schenk and Robert Lech, of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, set about...

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History of Esports

Esports (Electronic Sports) is a style of competition based on live gaming. The competitors of esports are usually professional gamers who battle against each other for a certain prize…

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Effects of gaming on young people

Video gamers can also develop reading and maths skills, as gamers need to read to get instructions, follow storylines of games, and get information from the game texts.

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EOB, The Sutton Set Up

‘A look in pictures’ at the set up of the new EOB Esports Academy centre in Sutton. Partnering with the team at Sporting Chances

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