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EOB Esports Academy in High Demand, Are gamers better learners? History of Esports, Effects of gaming on young people, Why League of Legends Training in Education? Esports Education by WUWO Media, Aardman Take EOB Game Designing and much more!

Follow Your Gaming Passion Academically

If you ever played a video game, then at one point, you must have thought “I wonder how that works”. We can show you how! Sign up to our new Game Design course and learn how creators behind your favourite games do it! Share it with friends or any young people...

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Video Gaming Facts That Will Blow You Away

Video Gaming Facts: The global community of gamers is a force. But you will be surprised about where the most money is made and spent, and where gaming communities thrive the most. Did you know that the gaming industry made about £108.3 billion on games in 2018?...

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Video Games Helping Non-Neurotypical & ASD

Video Games, Non-Neurotypical & ASD: People with ASD (autism spectrum) can find it difficult to relate to the world around them. Whether it's social skills, inflexible behaviour, or complete focus on a special interest, the challenges can differ per...

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Family Gaming

Gaming with the family is good for you - Family Gaming?We've all seen a Nintendo advert with the family all together in the living room, laughing and joking whilst racing on Mario Kart. And research has backed the idea that families that game together, stay...

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Since We Last Posted

It has been a while since we last posted anything via our blog (July 27, 2018 )  and things have moved forward → a new sign for our Watford centre (as you can see in the photo), also, new partnerships and new staff.   To recap what we are: The EOB Esports Academy is a...

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EOB, Riot Games and Red Bull

EOB ESPORTS ACADEMY PARTNERS WITH RIOT GAMES TO HELP STUDENTS LEARN THE BUSINESS OF ESPORTS AND COMPETE AT THE RED BULL GAMING SPHERE LONDON. 13 young professionals head to the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London this August to create their own esports team and...

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EOB Esports Academy in High Demand

EOB Esports Academy in High Demand. Take this as a testament to the educational potential of esports and digital media for young people. Our EOB Esports Academy (Enemy of Boredom) initiative began when we held a taster day on May 4 2017. Working alongside the Prince's...

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Are gamers better learners?

  Are gamers better learners. New research by German neuropsychologists has found that gamers have an advantage in learning over non-gamers. Are gamers better learners? Professor Dr Boris Suchan, Sabrina Schenk and Robert Lech, of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, set about...

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History of Esports

Esports (Electronic Sports) is a style of competition based on live gaming. The competitors of esports are usually professional gamers who battle against each other for a certain prize…

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Effects of gaming on young people

Video gamers can also develop reading and maths skills, as gamers need to read to get instructions, follow storylines of games, and get information from the game texts.

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