EOB Esports Academy

The UK’s first Esports Academy and Future Tech Centre, ages 7-30

Now live in Watford, South London and Peterborough



An Esports Academy that builds confidence and provides a qualification, then connects you to employment.


7-30-year-old males and females, from all backgrounds working together to push each other to the next level.


The Content

Game design, journalism, social media and competitive video gaming, teaching team work through League of Legends, Fortnight, Rocket League and Overwatch.


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League of Legends


Rocket League


Learn, compete then move forward.

You will get trained by expert gamers playing League of Legends, learning to work together in teams of five, there will be an end event featuring an esports competition against past students as well as guest teams.

Opperating out of Watford and South London, we utilise our indusrty contacts to lead a course that is up to date and forward thinking, covering esports competitions, 3D modelling, VR, social media, digital Journalism and games design.

First example of an EOB Esports Academy Course.

Learn game design with our partners Aardman. We travel to Bristol and spend time working on assignments set by Aardman’s Interactive Department. We then develop these ideas with Skype support from Aardman.

You will be learning how esports and digital companies operate and the different job roles that you might want to pursue.

You will document your expirience within a magazine and learn how to create engaging editorial with profesional journalists. And oh yes, their are formal qualifications to gain too!

A second example of an EOB Esports Academy Course.

Using the Unity software you will create a game after a games design work package with the support of EOB trainers.

Then we look into 3D Modelling. 3D modelling is the use of computers to create images and graphics that look three dimensional; game designers will use this process to create games. Using software like Maya you will develop your 3D model which will get printed too.

We will have a trip to Nominet to learn about ‘the internet of things’. There will be a master class on technological advances across the web; you will then write an article about your findings, which will be published within The Enemy of Boredoms digital magazine, Oh and you’ll get trained by professional journalists too!





Student Comments



“I especially loved the team building throughout the project, because team communication and efficiency is imperative to any organisation or company. Furthermore, I got to meet esports industry professionals which provided a great insight into how to get a foothold in the industry.”


“Before the EOB Esports Course, I was just sitting at home, on my own and playing video games. I’ve stayed in touch with my course mates and I’ve now got a full time job.”


“The EOB Esports Academy gave me such a great experience; I grew as a person and the best thing of all I ended up in a career working for Clock Ltd, a digital agency that makes websites for the likes of Riot Games!”

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